Embark on a journey with Skiathos car rental, no hidden fees and free Skiathos airport transfer.
Your advantage in choosing cars with us based on your adventure as we have varieties of rental cars for you. We thrive to deliver you the best Skiathos car rental service, our fleets are ready to accompany you to explore the island of Skiathos. With no hidden fees and free Skiathos airport transfer, we are happy to be your trustworthy car rental in Skiathos.

As a trustworthy car rental in Skiathos, we want to give you the best quality of island experience with transparent communication. It is, therefore, we made sure that our service to you is at its best.

We pay attention to detail and are determined for your satisfaction. We are happy to offer you a complimentary Skiathos airport or hotel transfer at your convenience. Once you fill the booking form at our website, our friendly crew member will assist you further.

While we thrive to deliver the best service, we always want our guest to have smooth communication throughout their transaction. We are happy to be a trustworthy car rental in Skiathos by offering a transparent transaction with no hidden fees.

Since the latest situation with coronavirus has emerged Car Rental Business was of course affected. Though since we do our best to provide professional Skiathos car rental service, we have created a new set of rules and ways to protect all our customers. You can read about what we do at the bottom of this page.

How we work

Embark on a journey with Skiathos car rental, no hidden fees and free Skiathos airport transfer.
Being one of the newest car rental agencies in Skiathos island, we want to focus on the high quality of services. Hence, we care to keep all of our cars in the best quality. We make sure that you will have no issues with your car during your holidays, so we provide 24/7 phone support and assist you in case of an accident.
Daily in-n-out Cleaning
Daily Engine Check
Daily Electrics Check
Daily Breaks Check
Daily Tires Check
Daily AC Check
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